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Upper West Side, September 2014

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ATTENTION EVERYONE wow my first give away is REALLY SUCKING because the winner didn’t want to give me a postal address so I HAVE TO NOW WAIT LONGER AND CHOSE A NEW WINNER. I will start over from the number of reblogs it has right now so new people also have a good chance, and the winner will be announced in another month. Rules are all the same still. GOOD LUCK!


hey guys! i’m happy to say i finally reached my goal and i wanted to do a HUGE giveaway to thank all of you. it really means a lot to me. now to the good stuff. the prize package includes:

• a John Green book set
• a Fiji Polaroid in pink
• American Apparel shorts (Medium)
• a cute floral backpack from Charlotte Russe
• unused Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume
• Urban Outfitters tattoo choker
• a floral crown from Forever 21
• a brand new Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle (these ACTUALLY make your room smell angelic)
• Zara circle sunglasses
• American Apparel pale polish set of 4

here’s the rules of the game:

• must be following me (
(and my friend • must REBLOG this post. likes count as well but you must reblog.
• if you follow me on instagram you will be noticed faster, @cashmoneylaura AND if you follow my friend @swagmoneymorg you’ll be counted twice the amount of times u reblog.

for a higher chance, you may reblog as many times as you would like.

thank you so much and good luck! xoxo

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//I found a box of vintage T-shirts & this Harley Davidson one is pretty Rad//